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How to Navigate a Home Renovation During a Global Pandemic

Home Remodeling Supply Chain Pain! 

If you’ve noticed empty shelves and rising prices lately, whether it’s at your local hardware shop, grocery store, or big-box retailer, you are not alone. One of the most widely felt repercussions of the global COVID-19 pandemic has been the disruption of long-established supply chains. Production slow-downs, logistics, and transportation challenges, as well as the limited availability of parts and raw materials, have resulted in major constraints across many industries, but the construction sector seems especially hard hit. Home remodeling has been impacted by building product shortages, from framing lumber to flooring, plumbing fixtures to lighting. Long lead times for appliances, cabinetry, and even paint can create challenges for even the smallest home renovation project.

So, what does this all mean for you, the homeowner, as you consider that long-dreamed-of kitchen, bathroom, or whole house renovation? As a design+build firm, we’ve learned that it’s all about getting a handle on the evolving marketplace, understanding the potential impacts on timeline and budget, and planning, planning, planning!


We’ve come up with a few tips to best prepare for a renovation in these uncertain times. An experienced design+build team can assist and guide you through the process.

  • Plan Early – Give yourself as much time as possible to figure out the details and elements that will go into your remodel. The more time you have, the better the odds of you getting everything you want out of your budget and project vision.
  • Set Reasonable Expectations – Expect the unexpected.  Supply chain issues are constantly evolving and will probably cause some type of hiccup with your master plan. Be prepared to pivot and be flexible with your selections.
  • Have a Plan B (& C!) – We all want our first choice for a countertop or cabinet but having your alternatives pre-selected will ensure you get the most desirable outcome in case of any supply chain issues.
  • Don’t get rid of your current appliances (yet)! – With delivery times suddenly being pushed back at random, it may be wise to hold on to the appliances you have until you receive the new ones.
  • Breathe!  – Hire an experienced design+build team that knows how to navigate through today’s supply chain challenges so you can sit back and enjoy the process. At JDBG, we have the creativity, knowledge, and experience to provide exceptional remodeling no matter what the current environment holds.
Home remodeling supply chain

On a recent project, JDBG worked with a local custom cabinet maker who was able to provide a quicker turn-around than any of our regular cabinet suppliers.

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