Whole House Remodeling

Jordan Design-Build Group is ready to help transform your entire house into the home of your dreams. If you have a growing list of home renovation projects, it’s wise to take a comprehensive approach to the design and execution and that’s where the experts at JDBG come in. Whether you live in Virginia, Maryland or DC, we have the experienced team needed to take your project from concept through completion and help you get more enjoyment out of the home you already have.

Some whole house renovation projects are very straightforward (kitchens and bathrooms in newer homes, for example) and can move directly into the design-build process. However, most whole house renovations tend to be more complex and for these remodels, we recommend engaging in our Preliminary Design Study, which provides a comprehensive approach to assessing project requirements, design-build options and budget estimates.

Are you ready to discuss your whole house remodeling project? Contact JDBG today by calling us at (571) 409-1633 or contacting us online.