JDBG 10th Anniversary: Designs of the Decade Part 2

Woodland Kitchen Remodeled

To celebrate the final month of our 10 year anniversary, the JDBG team got together to reflect on some of the most memorable projects of the past decade. Each of these remodeling projects represents a special moment or milestone during our time in business. We thought it would only be fitting to count down to the next decade by telling the story behind each one! Part 2: #s 5-1.

#5: Finding the Answer in Arlington⁠

A subtle favorite from our portfolio! As a home remodeler, helping people is really at the core of why we do what we do. If our work can help someone live more comfortably, and live happier, then what we do is a success. Sometimes a client finds us after they’ve been told by others that what they want to do isn’t possible. This kitchen remodel is one of those times. Working with a tight budget in a small space, we were able to make a huge impact and give this client a brand new kitchen and then some! We opened up the space to the living area and transformed this area of the home with a cohesive and cozy design. See the whole project. 

#4: Doubling Up While Keeping the Budget Down

Behind every successful remodel is a thoughtful design that reimagines what a home can be! It is the personalized playbook for each remodel that helps us turn a client’s dream into reality. For this Cape Cod remodel, we reconfigured what had been the home’s only full bathroom and turned it into an en-suite with vintage flair.  Then we converted a small foyer at the top of the stairs into a second ¾ guest bath with a modern take on vintage. By working within the home’s existing footprint (and avoiding a costly addition), it was a win-win for the homeowner. See both bathrooms.

#3: A 3D Forecast of the Future ⁠

Making a decision on the final design is always the toughest part of a remodel. To get through this step, we’ve found seeing is believing for our clients. While floor plans are our usual starting point, we took this project to the next level by creating a complete 360 rendering of the proposed design. This allowed our client to be immersed in their future kitchen and “walk through” it months before it’s completion! It’s been a staple of our process ever since, and an essential tool for any project of ours going in to 2020! See the whole project. 

#2: Collaboration is Key for a Major Project in D.C.!

Woodland Kitchen Remodeled

For our biggest project on record, it was all hands on deck for the JDBG team, but we knew we couldn’t take on this massive whole home renovation all on our own! Over the past 10 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to build a network of trusted vendors and subs that each do their part in turning our client’s dreams into reality. For this undertaking, it took over 15 in total, and some of the very best in the business to make it happen. Like anything in business, if you find something good you stick with it! It’s no surprise that we’ve been working with some of these folks from the very beginning! See the whole project. 

#1: A Dream Come True in Centreville, VA

A before image of Doyle Lane kitchen
Doyle Lane Kitchen Renovation with white countertops

Collaboration is at the heart of who we are at JDBG so we love it when a client wants to put their distinct design stamp on a renovation. This client had been dreaming about their new kitchen for over 17 years, so the pressure was on to find a way to combine two different style sensibilities – modern rustic and “Granny Chic”. We worked side-by-side with her to capture the essence of her vision and personality and made sure it blended with her family’s lifestyle as well. It seems fitting that our final project of the decade combines both modern and nostalgic elements, and we look forward to more incredible collaborations as we move into 2020. See the whole new project now!