Virtual Design Capabilities

Virtual Design Meeting Kitchen Remodel Zoom

Over the past several months, our lives have had to adjust to a new way of doing things, finding ways to remain creative, positive, and productive throughout the COVID-19 crisis. With social distancing guidelines in place across the DC area, it was important for us to find a way to provide our design-build services without surrendering the safety and peace of mind of our clients.

Virtual Design Meetings That Fit Easily Into Your Schedule

At Jordan Design-Build Group, our team is still hard at work and helping our clients build the kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and whole-house remodels of their dreams. We have seamlessly shifted the bulk of our design process into a virtual environment and the majority of our client meetings are now conducted using web and cloud-based software. In fact, our 3D design capabilities and virtual meetings have helped streamline the design process, allowing us to regularly meet with our clients so that all of the critical decisions can be made in a timely fashion.

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Virtual Design Capabilities That Show Your Home’s Potential

Today’s technology makes it easy for us to host virtual meetings, but beyond that we are able to create and share realistic architectural renderings with our clients so they can visualize how their remodeled spaces will look. Even before the pandemic, our design team was using advanced architectural design software to create 3D models and renderings, produce plans and elevations, and turn those into detailed construction documents. In addition, we employ a combination of mood boards, inspiration images, finish palettes, and other visual media to refine all the project details and develop a comprehensive design package that reflects our client’s renovation goals. Simply put, we have advanced our virtual design capabilities to a fine art.

Below you can read the story behind a recent virtual design project and see examples of the upcoming home transformation:

Redesigning a Home for a Remote Client

After growing up in Northern Virginia, our client settled out west to raise a family. Once the kids were all off to college, she and her husband decided to relocate back to the DC area to be closer to extended family. In anticipation, they decided to purchase and renovate a home prior to moving back.

While the house was in decent shape overall, the kitchen and bathroom needed significant updates, so JDBG was engaged to provide design-build services and we were up for the task!

When looking for a design-build company, our client was impressed with our 3D design capabilities and appreciated our willingness to meet with them virtually. Although in-person meetings are always valuable, a lot can be accomplished remotely. Our advanced architectural design software allows the JDBG design team to realistically convey the new spaces with ease.

Collage of before and after photos of kitchen remodeling project

Springfield Kitchen – Virtual Walkthrough

Standard architectural plans can only go so far in communicating how a space might look once completed. Employing advanced residential modeling software, JDBG’s design team can provide countless ways to realistically convey how the renovated space will look and feel. From birds-eye views to 360° panoramas, from multiple perspectives to virtual “walk-thrus” we can do it all! As the renderings above and walk-thru below illustrate, reconfiguring the kitchen layout, extending the cabinets to the ceiling and modernizing all the finishes will totally transform the space.

Springfield Bathrooms – Virtual Designs

The home’s original bathroom had an odd Jack-and-Jill layout with two toilets, two vanities and a single bathtub shared between 3 bedrooms. Since it was the only bathroom on the main floor it also served as the de facto powder room for guests.

With some creative modifications to existing walls and the removal of a small linen closet, we were able to divide the space into two functional and totally separate bathrooms (one of them now a true en suite master). A birds-eye view of the bathrooms was helpful in illustrating the layout changes to our client. It also realistically depicts what the proposed finish selections will look like.

During the design phase we use a combination of 3D renderings, finish boards and image portfolios to convey how different selections influence the overall design of the space – our clients’ final finish selections are depicted below.

Collage of bathroom before and during remodeling project pieces

It Is the Perfect Time to Remodel

Whether you need an updated kitchen or an additional bathroom, or maybe it’s time to build out that dedicated home office, there is no time like the present. It is likely we are all going to be spending a lot more time at home in the coming year, so making it as comfortable as possible for everyone in the family has never been more important.

Our virtual design consultations are an efficient way for the JDBG design team to collaborate with you on your kitchen, bath or whole home remodel. We can make adjustments and share updates as the design evolves until the finished design incorporates all of your must haves.

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Dealing With Coronavirus Challenges

With our streamlined design process we are able to produce comprehensive design deliverables on tight deadlines. We are also working closely with all of our trusted vendor and trade partners to ensure their availability to perform the required tasks. Further, we are working hard to ensure the availability and expedient delivery of all construction materials and components. Should problems arise, you can rest assured that our team is doing everything possible to find solutions and complete construction on schedule.

Additionally, we are working diligently to ensure that the latest CDC guidelines and protocols regarding COVID-19 are implemented on the job site. As these evolve, we adjust our operations accordingly to ensure the safety of our clients and all of our staff and extended team members.

While social distancing has presented new challenges for all of us, it doesn’t mean the future needs to be put on hold! Home is more important than ever these days and we recognize the value of having a space that is comforting, beautiful and well-designed. Using our experienced designers and innovative tools for virtual consultations, we are ready to start designing and planning your dream home today.

We encourage you to contact Jordan Design-Build Group at (571) 409-1633 when you are ready to renovate your home in Virginia, Washington, DC or Maryland. It is our pleasure to help you bring your design dreams to life.

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