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Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Renovation With These Tried And True Pro Tips

Welcome to our new series on home remodeling tips! For over 10 years, we’ve been working with clients in the greater Washington, D.C.  Metro area to achieve their dream homes, kitchens and bathrooms. In that time, we have learned a great deal and hope to pass on some tried and true design and remodeling tips so that you might get the most out of the investment you’re making in your home. 

Up first, we have three of our favorite tips for kitchen renovations, featuring stunning transformations in Oakton, Manassas, and Washington D.C.

Pro Tip #1. Use a layered approach to lighting 

Kitchens are the heart of every home! A layered lighting approach creates depth and dimension within a space; lighting should not only enhance the style of your kitchen, but also provide flexibility and functionality.

In the kitchen renovation pictured below, we ticked all the boxes of good lighting by providing recessed lights in the ceiling (ambient lighting), decorative pendants over the island (accent lighting), under cabinet lights (task lighting) and display lights in select cabinets (more accent lighting). With the addition of dimmers, the lighting can be fully customized to suit any occasion, whether you want to create a relaxed atmosphere for sharing cocktails with friends or brighten things up for a chef at work! 

Pro Tip #2. Take advantage of ceiling height

On any given project, we always try to find creative ways to maximize space. It was common practice in older kitchens to float wall cabinets rather than take them all the way to the ceiling. In kitchens with tall ceilings, we recommend stacking cabinets as the perfect solution to take back underutilized wall space and create a classic tailored appearance. In kitchens with more standard height ceilings, we suggest replacing floating cabinets with taller cabinets to add storage and create a more custom look. In the two examples below, the end result in both kitchens is a more updated and polished look that the homeowners love.

Pro Tip #3. Do a thorough kitchen inventory before you begin 

We recommend doing a thorough kitchen inventory before you start planning your renovation. Think about where and how you want to store things and plan accordingly. To help with this process, we provide clients with a detailed inventory spreadsheet. We also take photos of the contents of every drawer and cabinet, what’s on the countertop and in the pantry. We want everything to have a home in the newly remodeled kitchen.  Careful planning at the beginning of a project will ensure a more successful renovation in the end. 

In this project from Capitol Hill in D.C., our client wanted to get items off the countertop for a less cluttered, more streamlined look. We created extra storage by taking uppers to the ceiling and adding cabinetry to a formerly blank wall; the reduced depth of the base cabinets on the right keeps the kitchen feeling open while still providing ample storage and more counter space!

At JDBG finding the perfect balance of function and design is at the core of our home remodeling philosophy. Our comprehensive design-build approach ensures that the process is as seamless as possible and we take care of every step along the way. Before you sign on the dotted line, this may be something you want to ask of your home remodeler as well! 

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Kitchen remodel in Northern VA, MD, DC; eat-in kitchen; white cabinets; subway tile; island

Is a Kitchen Island Right for You?

When remodeling your kitchen, you have lots of decisions to make, from cabinetry colors to hardware styles, but one of the biggest decisions you may face is whether or not to install an island in your kitchen. There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing a kitchen island, which are further explained below.

The Pros of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a popular option to enhance and utilize the space in a home. If your kitchen has the space for an island, there can be many benefits to installing one. The advantages of kitchen islands include:

  • Add room for preparation – take advantage of extra counterspace to allow for use of countertop appliances, groceries, and more.
  • Make room for seating – add bar stools along a kitchen island for additional seats, and socialize with others while meal prep happens.
  • Create a multi-purpose surface – create a great place for accomplishing homework, reading the paper in the morning, and accomplishing other tasks in the heart of your home.
  • Allow for extra storage – islands are great opportunities to add extra cabinets and storage options customized to meet your needs.
  • Increase home value – many homebuyers look for homes with islands and they often show a good return on investment in the sales process.

The Cons of Kitchen Islands

If you’re tight on kitchen space as is, it’s possible that installing an island in your kitchen might only make your space more difficult to navigate. There are some disadvantages to kitchen islands, including:

  • Limits space – adding an island takes up quite a bit of floor space that could be utilized in many different ways.
  • Disrupts traffic flow – gone is the flexibility of an open kitchen; instead, a kitchen island can complicate navigation patterns in your home.
  • Adds to remodeling costs – kitchen islands are custom-built with cabinetry and countertops, so they do add to the cost of a remodeling project.

Start on Your Kitchen Remodel Today

Still unsure if an island is right for you? Jordan Design-Build Group has extensive experience designing kitchens of all sizes. Contact us online or call (571) 409-1633 today to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area.

This blog post was inspired by an article on Houzz called The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Islands, which featured a photo of our North Edgewood Street kitchen remodel.

David Jordan in Fairfax, VA on Houzz

Remodeling Before and After: Kitchen and Bathroom Makeover in Arlington, VA

Sometimes your space may not need a top to bottom overhaul, but how do you weigh the available options? Do you need to completely change the layout of your kitchen or just refresh your cabinets and backsplash? Could simple cosmetic changes make your powder room look and feel brand new?  One of our remodeling clients in the Arlington, Virginia area was facing a similar dilemma, and we helped them navigate the design process to tailor their kitchen and powder room perfectly to their style.

Keep reading to learn how this kitchen and bathroom makeover progressed, and watch the video below to see before and after photos!


Part 1: The Kitchen Makeover

The traditional elements in this client’s former kitchen, including antiqued cabinets, ornate trim and a travertine backsplash, didn’t fit well with the tailored style of the rest of the house. We proposed three renovation options ranging from least expensive to most expensive:

  1. Re-paint the existing cabinets and trim, and replace the backsplash
  2. Replace the cabinet doors, drawers and trim with a more updated style and paint color, and replace the backsplash
  3. Redesign or remodel the entire kitchen

Since the bones of the existing kitchen—meaning the layout, cabinet boxes, hardware, and countertops—were in great shape, the client decided to go with the second option. With updated kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, new crown molding, a fresh coat of white paint, a herringbone backsplash and upgraded lighting, we gave this kitchen a new life at a fraction of the cost of starting over from scratch. The client’s only regret was not doing this five years ago!

“We love the kitchen and powder room. We had our dinner party on Saturday and our guests were wowed! It just makes everything happier in that room. And we spend a LOT of time in the kitchen area so it’s been a phenomenal shift in attitude in there. I wish we did that 5 years ago!” – Lynn W.

Part 2: The Bathroom Makeover

The nearby powder room was also in need of a facelift. The client selected a bold navy and white trellis wallcovering but was concerned it might be too “busy” for such a small space. By carrying bead board around the room on the lower half of the wall, the powder room feels balanced rather than busy. The new vanity light and mirror in a soft brass tone add the finishing touches.

Ready to Take Your Kitchen or Bathroom to the Next Level?

As you can see from this project, not all kitchen and bath remodels involve completely demolishing the existing space. Whether your home needs a style update or a total overhaul, the design experts at Jordan Design-Build Group can help guide you to the best option for your needs and budget. If you need home remodeling services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, call JDBG today at 571-409-1633 to schedule your on-site design consultation.